Loose Leaf Tea vs. Teabags


Which is best? Loose Leaf Tea or Tea Bags. For the occasional tea drinker who is interested primarily in convenience, the Tea Bag is probably the answer. It is so simple, requires no measuring, comes in many different flavors and all types and varieties – white, green, black, oolong, herbal.

Tea Bags were certainly my way of drinking tea prior to discovering the quality, flavor and enjoyment of preparing loose leaf tea. I did not realize how superior a classically brewed cup of tea, make with high quality loose leaf tea could taste. It was an eye opener for me and the reason I opened Sweetea’s. I wanted to share my new found enjoyment with others.

Loose Leaf Teas use the finest hand-picked buds, whole tea leaves, large pieces of leaves and/or a combination of these parts. The time of year and growing conditions greatly affect the quality of tea leaves. Take all of these factors into consideration and, much like a fine wine, the tea retains its distinctive flavors and characteristics.

In contrast, tea found in tea bags usually consists of smaller pieces of tea leaves or tea fannings (also referred to as dusts) which may give a quicker brew, but lack the subtlety and full flavor of the larger loose leaf teas.

Both loose leaf and bagged tea have expiration dates and will often lose flavor after six months and become stale after one year.

If brewing tea with loose leaf tea is something new to you, “meet us at Sweetea’s” and let us assist you in sampling some superior teas.

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